What's New With Goodbye Butterfly


I started this year with the intention of fostering deeper relationships and I have spent the last few weeks creating a platform to do just that. With a clean, more simplistic layout, we are shifting focus back to the words and images that we were founded on. We have come a long way from a small adventure archive and as a place to come together and bond over passions, good eats, and community, I am looking forward to see where this new direction takes us.

So what’s new?

Community Over Competition

As a simple outlet for simple thoughts, Goodbye Butterfly will be a clear place for me to create and share. I have plans to work with more like-minded individuals over the course of 2019 in the effort to motivate others to pursue their dreams . From creative writings to artistic images and everything in between, I hope to bring out a different side of you to explore. Whether it a therapeutic hobby or a full fledged career, I am challenging each and everyone of you to find your purpose and fuel it with your passions!

Becoming The Best Version

In addition to sharing the stories behind the work of fellow creatives, I am adding a focus on transitioning to an overall better lifestyle with the hope to dare,  if not inspire, others to take the steps to the best versions of their life.

Each journey looks different, I am currently the heaviest (and happiest) I have ever been, and I have been working on loving the skin I am in for a long while. After trying anything and everything underneath the sun, I finally found something that has worked for me. I am sharing what the 30 Days to Healthy Living has done for me along with what it can do for you.

It is here that I hope to share a collection of my favorite recipes along with the guidance to achieving your health goals.

Wander With Me

The one thing that will be remaining constant is the GB Blog where you will still discover the musings and wanderings of  Shelby Sides as twenty-something. It has been incredible to put my personal experiences out there to create a dialogue between those who can relate and I plan to share more content that dives even deeper as the year unfolds. I have been writing a lot more since the start of 2019 and while some pieces have yet to be finished, I am looking forward to share more with you.

Like anything in life, it is still a work in progress but I wanted to invite you butterflies to take a look at the redesigned Goodbye Butterfly. Stay awhile, I would love to hear your thoughts on this direction!

Until next time, tah.