Craving More Creatively

I lost a sweet member of my life last week and I have been taking my time getting back into being online. Tiger was everything I needed in a pet and so much more, she was one of my closest friends. From the relaxing purrs to the comforting cuddles and the kisses in between, we have had a wonderful 15 years together and for that I am grateful.

In the midst of healing my heart from the tragedy of Thursday morning, I found myself falling back into an old passion and hobby. I have a great appreciation for photography and there came a time where it was one of my only outlets. For those of you who have been wandering with me for a while, you remember just how I laid the foundation of this little archive of thoughts and images on my love of capturing moments.

I have been finding myself craving more creatively as of late and it has been exciting to embrace this side of myself. We have just entered a new month in a new season and I am daring you butterflies to embrace some badass vibes and inner weirdness.

Until next time, tah.