Featured Creative: Manelle Rose

As this travel archive turned lifestyle journal transitions into a place for creatives to come together and make a little magic, I have been amazed with the incredible community that surrounds me.

One of the things that I love most about having an online presence is the connections that it brings me. I have been admiring Manelle’s talent for capturing the sweets of moments from afar ever since I started Goodbye Butterfly, and I am grateful for the friendship that we have developed over the years. July 2018 was the first time we have ever met in person and it was truly a pleasure working with her. In fact, you are already familiar with her work as it is currently featured throughout this platform and is actively displayed in my numerous passion projects like my ebook.

Working with a handful of different photographers, I find serious value in how easy this shoot with Manelle was. Conditions like weather and lighting definitely help create a beautiful photograph but guidance and comfort is something that really makes or breaks it. Even though at the time of these images this was the first time I met her, Manelle made it a comfortable experience through simple conversation and in the end it was actually a fun time!

About Her

How did you discover your love for photography?

I’ve always thought photography found me. I grew up trying so many hobbies I’ve already lost count of everything I tried. But the day I picked up a camera, I just knew that was it. I begged my parents the summer before high school to get me my first dslr camera and everything started from there.

Do you enjoy being behind the camera or in front of it?

It’s crazy because I always enjoyed being in front of the camera but the more I spent time behind it, the more shy I became to be a subject again. I guess when you’re so use to creating the shot you start to micromanage yourself in front of the camera. But it’s something I continue to practice because it truly has made me become a better photographer.

What is your favorite thing to capture?

I love people. There’s nothing like a good ol’ candid of people smiling, laughing, and just having a good time. It requires nothing special or fancy lighting. Just people being people and being a fly on the wall to capture it.

What do you love most about photography?

I love to create small moments. Sometimes we overlook them as we experience it and often miss the small details. But that’s what my eyes see most times and when people get a chance to see photos like that, I think it makes them feel something. Creating that and giving people moments to hold onto is so rewarding.

What other creative pursuits do you see yourself doing?

So many damn things. Sometimes I feel like someone needs to tell me to slow down. I hope to be a business owner of some creative sorts and finish up my cosmetology license. I’ve been really passionate about hair lately so I’m very focused on that. But otherwise, anything really is possible! I never ever limit myself or throw myself in a box. It’s a boring way to live.

What do you think 2019 has left in store for you?

Personal growth that’s for sure! I’ve been looking inward a lot lately. I’ve come to realize that I have many things to work on as a person and in order to bring my best life into fruition, it starts with me. So I’m choosing to learn about myself, being disciplined in my pursuits, challenging my thoughts, working on serving others, and just being present. This year is about to be a great one and I’m so excited to bring you and others with me!

I am excited to see where this life will take this creative soul next and all the wonderful things that she is set to achieve. If you find yourself on Maui and are hoping to work with pure talent, then get in touch with Manelle today! I fall in love with the images she has taken over and over again, I am so sure you will too.

Until next time, tah.