A Taste of Summer 2019


A collection of pinned images that have me inspired for the new season.

I have been spending quite a lot of time on Pinterest lately, more than I care to admit, but it has been sparking a fire within me that I have been missing in the early parts of this year. I have been craving more creatively and this has been an enjoyable place for me to gather some inspiration as well as a little motivation.

There is a sort of magic in photography and after exploring the April and May moodboards of one of my favorite health and wellness turned lifestyle blogger, Tayler McKellop, I wanted to give you butterflies a little taste of the vibe I imagine Summer 2019 to feel like.

(click image for source)

I never appreciated the long sunny days and warm nights that comes with summer as much as I have these last couple years spent home on Maui. As someone who lived in snowy slush for the greater part of four years, I have been soaking in as much Hawaiian sunshine as I can each day. From the sandy skin to the cool ocean water and the vibrant sunset skies in between, I am ready.

Are you?

Until next time, tah.