What the 30 Days to Healthy Living Has Done for Me


If you are connected with me on any of my social networks, you have probably noticed that I am huge about health. My journey to a better version of myself began 5 years ago but it did not start with the best intentions.

I struggled with confidence and body-image for most of my life, always comparing myself to others and wishing I was different. Leo’s are notoriously but secretly self-conscious, in case you missed that memo and I embodied that to a tee. Towards the end of my senior year of high school I did the first thing that changed my life - I cut out fast food. McDonald’s and a pint of Haagen Daz chocolate ice cream use to be my daily saving grace throughout high school but removing that from my daily diet made a huge difference in my weight.

Fast forward a few months into my freshman year of college and I began incorporating exercise into my lifestyle. I never claim to be athletic though I did play tennis for two years in high school but this change to be active went from healthy to obsessive real quick. From only eating salad to counting calories and working out almost every day, I got sick in more ways than one. I lost 25 pounds in a span of 3 months and while that sounds like an accomplishment, to my loved ones it was concerning. Just looking back at pictures from that time has me cringe and it isn’t because of how I looked. I remember my mental state, those thoughts I would tell myself when I looked in the mirror or at the number on the scale. It was toxic and it wasn’t until Arbonne came into my life that I really took a step back to evaluate what health actually was.

The 30 Days to Healthy Living challenge is a clean-eating program curated by Arbonne and has changed my perspective on health. In the last two years, I have yet to skip a meal which was a norm for me circa 2015 and I feel absolutely incredible. I have more energy to hash out my long list of self appointed to-dos and my usual headaches have almost cleared up. While I am close to my high school weight, I have more confidence in my body than I ever did.

This program is more than just a “detox”, at its core it is meant to educate healthier habits for people to take beyond the 30 days for a sustainable lifestyle. And for myself as well as hundreds of others, this program has done just that x10000. We joke that Arbonne is actually a personal development program disguised as a health and wellness company but the amount of growth I have experienced over the last two years is unreal, there is no looking back.

If you ever want to swap health journeys, I am all ears. Everyone struggles at some point but that does not mean that is too late to make a change for the better.

Until next time, tah.

P.S. If this resonates with you in any way please tell me about yourself! I would love to help you discover how Arbonne fits into your life.