I Wrote A Note On My Mirror Addressed To Myself


Rather than look for motivation in circumstance, discover it within yourself

We are well over the halfway point of the year and I feel like I am light years away from the goals that I set for myself at the beginning of 2019. A combination of travel, pure laziness and a series of sick days have my finger slightly inching closer to the panic button as I realized that I have yet to really cross something off my to do list. Can relate? 

It is incredibly easy for us to compare where we are in life to others, just like it is almost natural to come up with excuses of why we aren’t matching up to those we look up to. I am 1000% guilty of both, I mean did you notice that I just excused away my lack of drive in almost the same breath of that statement. And I am realizing just how much it impacts my goals when I make space as well as time for either. 

I used to tell myself that something will happen one day that will kick my butt in gear but the reality is that situations are always temporary, which means that so would my motivation be. I honestly used to believe that the more financial stress I feel, the more likely I would push myself to bring my passion projects to fruition and thus satisfying all my money issues. But one thing that I have gathered from closely watching others is that consistency truly is key, so we cannot simply rely on what is happening around us to get the gears moving. 

Look inward instead of outward. You probably have heard a version of that circulating around but I wholeheartedly believe that success in your career starts by working on yourself. After all, how can you build a sustainable business if you, the foundation, are not solid? I realized that if I am always waiting for the right circumstances, I will always be waiting. Those that are currently standing where I want to be in life found a motivation within themselves and created opportunities where they thrived instead of waiting for them to happen. 

For the last three years, I have been told to find a why that makes me cry. To discover a reason that lights my fire beyond what is currently happening. I may be a big picture type of person but this is something that I really have struggled with and I feel like it is a large factor why I relied on my circumstances as the source of my motivation for so long. I am still trying to figure out what lights my fire, what will push me to do the do even if I am not seeing an immediate return on my efforts. 

2019-07-30 09_opt.jpg

But in the meantime, I wrote myself a little note to remind me to stop waiting and I dare you to do the same thing. Let’s stop waiting for the right time, the right circumstances, or the right opportunity. This may stem from the impatient side of me but I truthfully am tired of waiting for things that may or may not happen. I decided that before this year is over I am going after what I want, especially those big time dreams that I have spent so much time imagining for myself. And I hope to see you achieving just as much if not more!

Until next time, tah.