Loving The Skin I Am In

Confidence. It is something that best compliments almost any outfit and it can be the hardest thing to put on. Almost like those impossible skinny jeans that you have to lay down on the bed just to squeeze on and button, but more difficult for some.

Ever since I can remember, I have struggled with the image of myself and not just my physical reflection. I have always had this desire to feel comfortable within myself. In that, I have had these wild daydreams of becoming something but I never had that self belief to make it happen.

But something changed.

I talk a lot. I share a lot. And what I have been chatting about over the course of the last two years is how 30 days changed my overall perspective of myself.

Flashing back to high school, the me in the mirror would try her best to hide herself behind oversized clothing and a pint of chocolate ice cream. Transitioning to college, the me in the mirror would hide behind long cardio sessions and a strict diet of 3-ingredient salads. While at opposite ends of the scale, both were met with unhealthy thoughts and even more toxic habits.

Two years ago I made the decision to commit 30 days solely to me and it was the best thing that I have ever done for myself. In a month I learned:

Food was not the enemy, my mindset was.

Before I gained a better perspective, I remember eating half a pizza followed by a whole pint of ice cream and feeling so guilty. I would buy these green tea diet pills and supplement myself with just green juices to make up for an “unhealthy” binge just to find myself hungry, unsatisfied, and right back to the previous scenario a few days later. It was a circle of life that left me in tears more often than I care to admit.

In a short period, I found that I could still enjoy all the food that I loved while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

You can do anything you put your mind to, you just need to push yourself.

Those first few days of the challenge, I was overwhelmed with doubt. I seriously thought that making these small changes for 30 full days was a near impossible feat and was only meant for people who were special. And then I did it.

And then I took it even further. I connected with people that I admired but was too scared to talk to. I self-published an ebook that inspired an entire series. I am fueling all of my passions each and every day! Fear is going to walk alongside you each step of the way, the real trick to achieving all that you dream about is pushing past your hesitations and seriously doing the dang thing!

Your body is the one place you have to show up to each and every day.

Take care of it! We clean our homes, our cars, and even our fish tanks, so why do we insist on holding on to the gunk in our bodies. The popular opinion is that a healthy lifestyle is an expense but truthfully it is an investment.

Personal experience tells me that doctor appointments, prescriptions, and treatments are incredibly expensive. With that, a good handful of all the health issues that the vast majority experience later on in life are completely avoidable.

Two years ago, I was scared and uncomfortable. I felt like I “tried” everything and that I was lost. But today this is me, the same weight as my heaviest and feeling better than my skinniest. Feeling more comfortable with my body than ever and at the beginning of becoming something.

What would 30 days teach you?

Until next time, tah.