Sweet Like Sunday Mornings And Every Morning After

2019-08-14 01_opt.jpg

As the purple silk of my kimono caresses the bare skin of my left shoulder as it slowly falls from where it was previously draped, I sit here with my pillow propped behind me and my keyboard laid across my lap. Dark brown curls wrapping around the fingers of my right hand with sweet freckles dotting olive cheeks and the tops of broad shoulders. The sound of crowing roosters welcoming a new day is accompanied with the gentle sigh here and there followed by the occasional breathy murmur.

Then just as the last of the soft streams of sunshine filter through the sheer drapes of our large window filling the room with morning light, you give one last squeeze of warmth and security before you roll out of bed and lazily put on a casual outfit for our weekend tradition. And as your callused hands gently graze the nape of my bare neck while we wait for our dirty chai lattes, I can’t help but fall just a little deeper.

Fast forward to the start of the work week, to the sound of the spoon hitting one of our ceramic bowls as you eat your weekday breakfast of sugary cereal with almond milk, and the not so gentle movement of you getting back underneath the covers to share your warm for just a few more moments. The sweet “I love yous” before the truck lights shine through our small home and the sound of the engine drifts off into the distance. As I roll over to smell the remainder of your presence and snuggle our scruffy pup Toto to snooze for just a few minutes more.

Mornings were given a whole new meaning when you came into my life and I can’t help but crave more moments like this. I have had this piece written in my head for a long while now but it never felt right to put it into actual words until this past weekend. I am in love, in love with mornings, in love with this life, and in love with you.

So butterflies, I am curious…what are you in love with?

Until next time, tah.

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