Faults And Shortcomings


While my beliefs lie with the universe, I come from a Catholic childhood where Easter is a pretty big holiday. Centered around rebirth, I found myself this past Sunday to focus on reflection and how I am so incredibly awesome I am at what I do.

April Fool’s

I am only slightly embarrassed by my subpar attempt at one but really this post is about things that I still have to improve on. Last week I got a little vulnerable about my health journey and it felt scary good to share a peek into my insecurities. Fingers crossed it was as relatable as I intended and that we can flourish together but while I am working on building my confidence, there are a few other faults that I am focusing on this month:


As a fire sign of the Leo variation, I am admittedly a hothead. The littlest things can have a tendency to upset me, especially in my relationships and that is something that I am working on improving on. Reflecting on the past couple years, there is a lot of instances that could have been avoided if I just took the time to think things through instead of acting in the moment.


I have had my bossy pants since I entered this world but that is not necessarily a good thing. I am sure that a lot of group members from past projects can attest that I have taken the lead on a lot of things. I get quality things done but sometimes it is not in the best manner. While I identify myself as a leader and a creator, I find it incredibly important to be more open to other ideas and ways to accomplish tasks.


I have the hardest time keeping the word vomit faucet from flowing sometimes, especially when it is something that I am passionate about. The past couple months have been incredibly eye opening and I am still working on being interested, not interesting.

The list can go on and I am the last person to seriously claim that I am perfect. I know my weaknesses and I am using this time to turn them into positives. What are your faults?

April showers self love and personal growth, so let’s make it happen butterflies.

Until next time, tah.