From the Written Archive: Simple Thoughts

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I recently came across some journal entries back when it was primarily handwritten. While I am grateful for the ease of digital writing mainly for spell check, I enjoyed reading this piece. I thought I would share in the hopes that you can get out as much as I did:

August 10, 2014
Lately I can't help but think of how the simplest of things make people, especially me, so happy. A random compliment or a kind gesture. Flowers just because or a sweet note. All these simple little things make a day brighter. Even when it comes to spending time with your friends or having a date. Yeah going out to dinner or a movie is nice, but sometimes staying in or going on a picnic is even better. It may not be as fancy or exciting as going out, but it is intimate, fun, and freeing.

Recently I went on a picnic with my boyfriend, Micah, and it was just something we thought was going to be a change of scenery. It actually turned out to be one of my favorite days this summer. It was so relaxing and secluded. We didn't have to worry about being bothered by anyone and we could just be ourselves. The weather was perfect and it felt so nice to be outdoors rather than in a crowded restaurant.

I think something I have learned this summer is that the simplest and the littlest of things matter most. The big things are just that, big. But the small stuff has the most memories and significance. I cannot count the number of times that just getting a text from a friend saying "Have a good day, I love you" can set my day right. Or receiving a comment about my appearance and my personality.

I think that what makes these little things even better is when you give them out. Putting a smile on someone's face is an important thing in life. Of course it generates good karma, but it also creates a better soul. It has now become a goal of mine to focus on the simple things; making people's day and enjoying simple outings.”

It is crazy to read what was written in the past and see how it is still relevant today. Coming across this was a truly wonderful reminder to be kind because really, there is no such thing as being “too nice”. The last couple months have been incredibly eye opening, as it will probably continue to be in a few more months. I have mentioned in the past that we should always give compassion to the wicked but really we should give that to anyone. The truth is, you really never know what someone is going through and we all need a little bit more kindness in our lives.

So butterflies, let’s make a conscious effort to focus on the simple things. Hold a door, give a genuine compliment, and hug a little tighter. Life is honestly too short to be mean and if I could give anything to those in my present as well as my past is more love.

Until next time, tah.