Featured Creative: Alyssa McAlinden

Photographer   :    Alyssa McAlinden

Photographer: Alyssa McAlinden

You have seen the magical work of this beautiful soul before - in fact it is all over Goodbye Butterfly. This incredible community that I have found myself has me all about supporting my friends and this babe is incredibly easy to support.

I met Alyssa way back in eighth grade and she has been an inspiring part of life ever since. We bond over life stories and she sure has a talent for capturing those moments. Small businesses has a special place in both of our hearts and Alyssa has been working to help local dreams thrive - I can vouch for that.

I showed up to her house to catch up and it led to a her working some magic to create some of the most beautiful product shots that I have ever seen. With just a mirror, an overcast sky, and a few flowers she turned my favorite botanically based cosmetics into this gorgeous series of product shots.

And let’s talk about this fun concept shoot that she asked me to model for, me. For those of you who don’t have to go through the photo reel of gajillion snaps of me looking like I’m drunk, consider yourself lucky (sorry Lyss). I am notoriously known for being mid-blink in every. single. Shot, so the fact that Alyssa caught my good sides is a miracle that few can pull off.

This creative mind has an amazing journey ahead of her and I literally cannot wait to watch her grow into an even more into her craft. It is just a wonderful experience getting to watch all my friends live their best lives and I seriously can’t wait to share more with each of you butterflies.

Until next time, tah.