Be Interested, Not Interesting


School has finally wrapped up, leaving more time for creating memories and reflecting on the last few months. At the end of April, I had the amazing opportunity of attending a conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. While I did get to play, I had the mindset that this was a work trip. Among the inspirational and knowledgeable speakers one thing stuck out to me the most, "be interested, not interesting". As a social marketing business, it was surprising that almost all the speakers made this point. Do we not want people to view us as interesting? 

Be interested, not interesting. I honestly had to ponder on this for the entire three days of the conference. While we want to attract people to what we do, building relationships is a pretty crucial part in creating success. Being interested in others and their lives is the best way to serve them, as a consultant but also as a friend. Offering a listening ear can help you gain insight of how you can better someone's life. 

Why am I sharing this with you? This is not just applicable for Arbonne consultants, this is for everyone. I am the biggest culprit of maintaining a certain image online, believe me I am utterly flattered when someone finds my Instagram profile interesting. But after reflecting over the last few weeks I have found that being interested makes so much more sense. Playing an active role in those around me means more than how interesting people find me. Does this mean that you should forgo your smartphone? Of course not, we are in the digital age and smartphones have made most of our lives easier. It has enabled new ways to connect with people from all over the world, our reach is now far and so should our influence. 

Instead of focusing on your profile and how you appear to the rest of the digital world, listen or rather read what others have to say. Pick up the phone if someone crosses your mind, see how they are doing. Instead of thinking what you are going to say or respond in a conversation, just listen. The little things like being interested can truly make an impact and it offers a new perspective for you.