Summertime Sadness

As a millennia child, I am constantly staring at the screen of the digital world. In all aspects of my life I am using some sort of computer technology, I simply cannot get away from it. And that is a sad truth. Technology has opened a whole new door of opportunities for all of us, but it has also taken away some. 

I have spent most of this summer working in the admissions office of my university.


Part of my job description is sitting on rolling chair for ten hours a day just inputting names and numbers to a variety of excel spreadsheets. Despite my monotone work days, I am thankful that not only did I have the opportunity to have a steady 40 hours a week, but I also had the chance to make my own schedule.

That means I actually got to experience "ALOHA FRIDAY"

*cue shaka*.

While I enjoyed having  three day weekends, I still could not get away from my tech. Between the executive board work I had and the work I put in here on Goodbye Butterfly, I find myself with strained red-eyes after hours. 

Sometime after GB had turned one I had decided to take a mental break. As much as it was possible, I cut out any technology that I could. For many of you who know me, I get bored easy. With that said, it was a simple decision to give my site a little uplift. 

GB went under a summer long makeover and I spent my weekends exploring and resting.

School has been in session for a while now and it is starting to sink in. Yes, summer has officially drawn to a close. With a rather hectic semester ahead of me, I wanted to throw myself (and you) back into the summer state of mind with weekly posts of what was documented from this past break. I hope you all have not forgotten about me. I say this time and time again, but I have much in store so stay tuned.


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