Take a Breather

In my brief time being a grown up, I have learned that I live for stress. Weird right? In all honesty, I get bored extremely easily. I have a tendency of starting several projects giving myself unseemly timelines and leaving them to start a new one. Sound familiar? When it comes to personal projects, I have found that I am content moving on to something else and coming back to it later. This is something that I have done every since high school. My sketchbooks were full of unfinished pieces and my room was constantly filled with unfinished projects. However, when it comes to my academics and other responsibilities I have a tendency of taking on quite a bit, which in turn leads to pressured deadlines. One would think that if I am constantly stressed out, I should lighten my work load but I always end up taking more. I have learned as an adult that stress is my element, it is how I get things done the best. It goes against everything that I was told in school and study seminars, but I produce my best work when I am under pressure.

Something that has been a common constant this summer has been weekly adventures. Due to my love for keeping extremely busy, I have learned that I need some sort of outlet before I combust. My little vacays to Sedona have been just the relaxation fix I need to get through the work week. Between American Marketing Association and my job, I have been quite busy and honestly exhausted. On the bright side, I have never once been bored this summer. But even though I like being active, I need to sometimes feel like it is summer. All in all the life lesson that I have learned as a grown up is that being busy is good, but taking a breather is always going to be crucial in order to maintain your success. 


How does stress treat you?