Toe of the Flow Labyrinth

The Toe of the Flow Labyrinth is quite possibly my favorite find of Flagstaff. It's been around a year since these photos were taken and I can say they are in my favorites folder. A lot has changed in this past year, but it is honestly nice to know that the Labyrinth hasn't. Something that I have come to discover about myself is that I find refuge outdoors. Like out of a scene of a movie, I often find myself running away from reality and to the Labyrinth.

It is an oddly peaceful place, especially given the fact that it is so close to a busy road. With semester five currently in session, I am excited to see what this year has in store. I felt that a throwback is in order given all that has occured in that last few months. I abousolutely cannot wait until I have the next opportunity to fill this folder with more pictures. I hope when that day comes it will be as beautiful as this day. 

Till then I wish all of you in school the best year!


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