Little Beach, Big Community

As most of you might know, Little beach is a nude beach out in Makena, Kihei. I went there this Tuesday with the intent of finding some shells, seeing some reef life, and getting a nice tan. What I left with was something I wasn’t quite expecting.

As we were settling ourselves on the sand it dawned on me just how big of a community this small secluded beach had. Almost everyone knew each other, excluding the few tourist who wander on to this side. It was crazy to see people just casually talk to each other whilst being completely bare. You could honestly feel a sort of acceptance.

There were no judgements, no pressure.

There were people fully clothed, half naked, fully naked. It didn’t matter what you were wearing, or what you weren’t, you were welcomed. I can honestly see the appeal of the beach. It wasn’t that people were naked, it was that you could truly relax and not worry about a thing. A little before we were about to leave a man came practically running down to the beach. He stopped to say hi to the man next to us, claiming that this week has been crazy and he needed a swim to unwind. Five minutes later, he is diving in to the waves.

Prior to that day, I never would have thought that people actually socialized here. I just thought it was a place for hippies and free birds to enjoy the sun on bare skin independently. I realized that Littles was actually a place of acceptance, away from the judging eyes that the rest of society carries. I can say that leaving the beach that day, I left feeling a lot more at peace than how I came.