Everything Happens for a Reason

As my summer is drawing to a close, I can say that I am a true believer of the saying, "everything happens for a reason". Quitting my second job, after three weeks, and all the family disputes have taught me that every obstacle comes with a blessing. If I did not leave my second job at the beginning of the summer, I would have never gotten my internship. As one of my favorite parts of my summer, I can say I am truly grateful things happened they way it did.

I had many good times and some bad times on this island in the past four months. And as much as I love my family and I appreciate the gorgeous place I live in, it is time for me to head back to school. 

Newer beginnings are about to start. A new apartment and a new semester are going to keep me busy, but I honestly cannot wait for this upcoming months. As hard as it will probably be, I know it will shape me into the person that I am meant to be. A new chapter is beginning for all of us, may it treat you as well as I hope it treats me. 

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