A Trip to Remember - Portugal & Spain

As I may have mentioned before, I have been recently going through some old jump drives. Today, I came across some photographs from my trip to Spain and Portugal hidden within several folders. I have been craving a new adventure lately and these photos only intensified my hunger for travel. I have been out of the country quite a few times, but this trip was my favorite.

It was so filled with history that I could feel it radiating from the cobbled roads. History has always had a place in my heart, especially art history, so visiting two countries that were so deeply rich in it just swept me away. Something about both Spain and Portugal just captured my soul and reminiscing through these photographs have begun to make my heart ache. It was an experience that happened all too fast and I have been wishing to go back to get another dose.

Among all the places of the world I want to see and travel, I would love the opportunity to walk the tiles of Portugal and stroll the courtyards of Spain again. If by chance I ever do, I hope that I can experience the second time with the same, if not equally amazing, people that I had the privilege to enjoy both Spain and Portugal with. My travel companions not only made the trip fun, but the memories that we created had developed a bond that only we can share and to me that makes it so much more significant.