Compassion to the Wicked

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About a month ago my yoga instructor talked to the class about having compassion, super cliche huh? What had resonated within me about that conversation was "have compassion to the wicked". Being compassionate is a lot harder that sounds, especially to people who dun did us wrong. Talking to you here is your typical grudge holder, once you are out folks you are out for good. 2016 has consisted of the removal of a lot of toxicity in my life, within and around me. To be compassionate to the wicked does not mean to be someone's punching bag, both figuratively and literally. It took me a long time to figure that out. 

Our irrationality is just one of the long list of what makes humans beautiful, but that does not mean that the fault in our grudges need to define us. Be kind, be compassionate. It makes us better people, I promise. Holding on to all the negative memories and feelings are going to get you absolutely nowhere. I know, I know, easier said than done BUT why not try? While life is extremely short and days fly by, why are you going to waste all that precious time on the bad? Personally, time seems to go by a lot slower when all I focus on is the bad. So I implore you to try. 

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