Falling Back into an Old Passion

Dear Butterflies

The thing with having a hobby is setting the time aside to spend on it. From the minute my canon came into my life, I could not stop snapping moments. I have countless SD cards, some of which have been misplaced in my move, dating back to when I was 14 years old. Somewhere in the last 7 years I fell out of my hobby, my passion. Between the move up to Arizona and adjusting to college, I began to stop making time for photography. 

My most recent trip home helped me fall back into a old love. The longer I am away from Hawai'i, the more I forget how beautiful she is. While I have countless of photos to share with you, these are by far my favorite. I spent one of my last days on Maui inspired by the surrounding wildflowers of my Aunt's house. The afternoon light and Kula mist added a fairytale mood that I just couldn't resist. 

This experience has taught me to make more time. Life gets busy but it should never be an excuse. I have a happiness in photography. Regardless if I share it with all of you or keep it in my own personal archive, it the kind of love you don't let go of. So make time butterflies, make time for your passions. 

What is your hobby?


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