Beautiful Souls

It is a few minutes before midnight, making it the 9th of July. Throughout my day I couldn't help but think of this one autistic boy that I saw at the beach last week. He was so happy to just play in the waves and it made me feel so good inside to see that. 

He has been on my mind since that day and another has joined him. As I was working today a ma came in to check out the different colors we had in his favorite polo style. With him was an amazing soul who made my day. He was about middle age but everyone could tell he had a special soul.

I could not help but smile as he twirled and skipped about the store. As his friend or brother, I'm not quite sure of the relation, was cashing out this sweet soul offered his hand. At first I thought he just wanted to shake my hand. But as I raised my to shake his, he gently grabbed it and placed it on his cheek. 

"He is making friends," clarified his company.

I was so touched by the simple gesture and the pure bliss featured on his face. He was without a doubt in his own world, but he greatly shifted mine. He truly showed me what it was to see the good in people. To him, each and every person in the store today was good and pure. He touched each hand to his cheek and offered his friendship without judgement. 

This soul, and I say soul because I did not see a man I saw his soul, taught me the benefit of the doubt. Yes, a customer can be utterly horrible, but does that make them a horrible person? No, it does not. This sweet, amazing soul made me think of my own and how others perceive me. 

It made me realize how much I want to touch a person's day like he touched mine. As he left, I could not help but feel a little sad. I may never see him again. At the same time, I could not help but feel so happy because I know that he will continue to influence other's souls thought his life.


Shelby SidesComment