Summer Splash - Mexico

A little throwback to my small Mexico adventure this past summer. The purpose of the trip was in fact a funeral, my uncle passed away last January. Despite the depressing purpose, the wake was everything my uncle could have wanted. There were so many people out there who loved him and it was nice to experience their little “camp”. They had this small shack out in Baja, and although it was a short three day stay it held a deep place in my heart.

I have not been to their little property since I was six and I have a greater appreciation for it now than I did before. My aunty, my father’s sister, and her husband bought this property way before I was born. Ever since then, it has been a placed that my dad always talked to my sister and I about. After he passed away, when I was twelve, I always wanted to go back so I could experience everything that he loved about it.

It honestly has been on my mind since I left all the way back in July and it is all I ever talk about. Definitely looking forward to the next opportunity I get to go there.