With Every End Comes a Beginning


This past school year, I have learned many things. One of which is that you can't expect to remain the same person for the rest of your life. You will change and hopefully grow. I know that I have grown immensely, as I have changed and I can honestly say that I am getting to a good place.

Another thing I have learned is to not let anyone hold you back. If they want to be in your life they will be, you shouldn't have to go to the ends of the world in order to have someone in your life. If they don't want to make the effort then neither should you. Life is about learning who is going to be there when things are the hardest.

I have also learned that there is no sense in dwelling on the things that are in the past. You cannot change it so you might as well go on with your life an live it to the fullest. The world has so much to offer and there is so little time to do everything. Before we know it we will be passing our last breath and it would be terribly sad to regret not experiencing something. 

So as this school year has come to an end, a summer of adventures and noteworthy experiences are beginning. 

Stay Tuned.