Why Wait for New Years

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Every New Years, the most common thing you see is the mass posts about life changing goals. While I am a firm believer of goals and resolutions, I feel that you should not just wait for one day of the year to make them. 

At the beginning of 2015 I talked about my NYE afterthoughts. The year is coming to its end and all of that still holds true for me.

I am huge on planning. My calendar is pretty much stocked from 8am to 10pm and it has the tendency to make people's heads spin. While what I take on merits a schedule like I have, I am learning that it is a lot healthier to take things one day at a time.

Long-term goals are great, they really are, but the problem is the very fact that they take a long time to achieve. While I feel that everyone should have at least one long-term goal in the back of their mind, the main focus should be on the short-term. We are more productive in the short-term. When we see results, it motivates us to continue on. A year gives us 365 opportunities to take advantage of. That means that we have 365 days to divide up and conquer individually. 

So my question for all of you is, "Why wait for New Years?" 

We have 31 days before the year ends to achieve what we want for 2015. Conquer one goal and then work on the next one. Take advantage of the now and you will see the benefits later. 


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