Letter to Micah

Dear Micah, 

December 9th, 2012.

We were talking for a few months prior, but that is the day that you made things official. I remember that day so clearly. It was the day after Senior Luau and the first time I have been to your house. As I was turning into your driveway, you did something I never would expected anyone to do for me. 

There you were, right in front of your shed, in your mustard yellow Packers t-shirt holding a pale pink sign. Written in a blue marker was my name. You then flipped the sign over and the words, "will you be my girlfriend?" stood out like a neon sign. If I wasn't head over heels before, I was on that day. 

Fast forward three years and you continue to amaze me. 

I have always been more of a fan of the little things and you know that. You originally planned on having a getaway weekend just for the two of us. While I would have loved that, I am grateful for what you had planned instead. 

We ordered our cheese and olive pizza from Fratelli's, a favorite of us both, and you drove us to one of the most beautiful spots in Flagstaff. My escape over the summer and my favorite thinking spot, Lake Mary. We googled the sunset, 5:15 pm.

Making perfect time there was no rush for us to get there as dusk was only beginning. As we were driving you quickly hit on the breaks, a herd of elk were crossing the road. I took this as a good sign. We were safe and we were blessed with a sight that we do not normally get to see. We spent the next twenty minutes driving up and down Lake Mary looking for the perfect spot. 

Reversing into the parking lot near to little dam, we laid out our picnic in the back of our Rogue. Watching you try and get comfortable in the back of our car made me smile. You take such a long time to get comfortable, and listening to you grumble about it is something that I have come to adore. 

If I could go back and change how we celebrated our three year marker, I wouldn't. There is no such thing as perfect, but if there was yesterday would have been it. Walking about the dam with you as the sun began to set is something I would do over and over again. It is so cliche to say, but the sky was like a painting and I really couldn't help but snapping away. But you knew that. It is a known fact that you do not enjoy being the one in front of the camera, but you let me take your photograph with no complaint. You indulged me as I directed you left and right to get my "perfect" shot. 

You do little things like that for me on a daily basis, and I know I am not always appreciative. I was always called a "princess" throughout high school, but you really have been the only person who made me feel like one. Looking back at the last three years, you have supported me through everything and we grew as people together. I have matured greatly over the years, but you still make me feel like I am still a smitten high school girl. To this day the butterflies within me has yet to seize and I doubt they ever will. 

I love you Micah Kawika Mossman. 


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