Why I See My Relationship As My Good Karma

2018-06-22 08.29.03 1.jpg

Looking back on my life, I did go through a lot than I would have expected to at my age. I lost my father when I was 12 and went through a few other heartbreaks. Over the last five years, I would say that I have been incredibly blessed in more ways than one and a good chunk of my lucky stars I dedicate to my relationship.

The story behind me and my bubs is very simple but I wouldn’t have it any other way. You see, Micah is my high school sweetheart and we have known each other since 8th grade. Though, it wasn’t until we sat next to each other in Algebra 2 our junior year that those delightful butterflies started to flutter. I was completely smitten, but in a embarrassing high school type of way. Friends, I sat next to that handsome boy for an entire year asking for help on math problems that I already knew the answer to. Yes, I was that type of girl and looking back it was incredibly silly. We started dating the middle of our senior year and have been growing together ever since.

Throughout college, I experienced a few more heartaches and I have Micah to thank for getting me through those hard times. We have this little motto that he is my anchor and I am his sail, which pretty much means that he keeps me grounded while I help him break out of his comfort zone. It’s cheesy and I feel so uncomfortable just writing this but my life would look so incredibly different without his influence.

I have been thinking a lot about karma lately and wondering where all that good karma goes. As I am progressing in my creative career and through life in general, I see a lot of wonderful things that have happened and it really feels like my stars are aligning just how I want. But the one constant thing that I see flourishing and growing each day is my relationship.

I use to spend countless nights up until the early hours of the following morning wondering where was all that good karma I believed I collected. All the love and compassion that I poured into other’s cups and the rest of the universe. I never did anything with the intention of getting something back but when I found myself curled in the shower wondering where I went wrong, I can’t deny that it hadn’t crossed my mind. It wasn’t until I spent an evening walk crying on the phone with my mother that I realized that all my good karma was poured into the most stable aspect of my life. My constant and my rock. You see my wise mother, as all moms tend to be, shed light into a perspective that I never thought to look from.

I share this to inspire and challenge you to find the silver lining in things because good things really do happen to good people. Whether it is luck, hard work, or pure karma, there is something subtly wonderful in your life that you might be missing. I am still learning to appreciate every aspect of my life, big and small, and I hope that you butterflies will join me.

Until next time, tah.