Restful Thinking

Something that I have learned this year, this past semester especially, is that sleep is a pretty key ingredient to success. Sleep-deprived, coffee addicted is a common theme for college students. Staying up till the early hours of the morning and only getting a few hours of sleep at a time, I for one fit the "typical" college student description.

What I have learned in my brief time in adulthood is that this social norm is not really acceptable in being successful. While I did get a lot of studying and free time in, I was exhausted throughout the day. I have learned that the most beneficial and efficient way to get things done is to allow myself to rest. Even if that is just sitting down and not thinking about the world around me for ten minutes.

Rest keeps our minds sharp and gives us the energy to get things done. There are some circumstances that all-nighters are completely necessary, be it academic or recreational, but for the most part what I learned as a grown-up is rest.


What has being a grown up taught you?