Street Art - Downtown Flagstaff, Arizona

I have always been a huge fan of street art and what I have been discovering lately is that Flagstaff has a lot of amazing street art. It is on my current goal list to photograph every bit of street art that I can. This one is one of my more favorite ones that I have seen as it, in my opinion, captures the essence of our world today. The colors were something that I absolutely adored about this particular mural. The reason for this is simple, Flagstaff is either green or it is gray. This piece brought so much lacking color to the this part of town that I could not just walk right on by.

In all honesty, I was captivated. I now do everything I can to make sure I walk by this mural on a daily basis. Something about it is just so refreshing and uplifting. I can't wait for my next exploration of Downtown Flagstaff. There is a lot to found in the hidden alleys and with the warmer weather, I feel motivated to wander around.


What kind of street art do you love?