Finding My Voice

As of late, which is ironic because I am writing this late, I have been feeling a little lost with the direction that GOODBYE BUTTERFLY is going. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, there is a lot of reflection going on about how and what I should write about. I have always used GB as a sort of photographic journal, but I want more. Greedy, I know. I feel like I have this calling to inspire. I want to motivate others to get out there and explore. Discover the world and in that process discover themselves. 

I, myself, am still in the process of "finding" myself as I will probably always be on a soul search. So I apologize for the lack of consistency in 2015. I am striving this year to maintain a weekly update about one of my adventures. While I am not constantly publishing, I am constantly exploring. 

January, to me, has always been a month of reflection. What I accomplished last year, what I can accomplish this year and am I still dreaming my dream? These are all personal questions that I have recently been asking myself. I have been evaluating my past posts, yes almost from the beginning, and I have noticed how greatly my writing has changed. Sometimes I feel like I am writing too much, like now for instance, and I wonder if people even care about what I say. All this thinking has me realizing that I will constantly be searching to better my site, my writing, my photography, and myself.

Instead of over analyzing everything, I am plan to write what I feel and photograph what I desire. Suggestions are always welcomed, in fact they are encouraged, but GOODBYE BUTTERFLY started with the purpose of putting all my passions in one place. In the midst of everything I lost that purpose, my passion. So instead of focusing entirely on the demands of everyone, I am going back to my passions. I am aiming to, in the process, find my voice as a writer and my "being" as a human. 


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