Coastside Cattle House

As I have written before, the Cattle House is a place that I hold dear to my heart. I considered it my favorite secret spot, of course it is not much of a secret these days. I guess it is only natural to want to keep your secret spot hidden from everyone else, but I feel like if you cherish something you should share it. 

This past winter break I sadly did not get to the Cattle House. I did however get to see my fellow August babies! It is our tradition anytime we are on the island together to grab some flatbread from our favorite local pizza joint. When I was home in August, I met up with my gals and we had a picnic by the sea. 

August was hot, extremely hot. So sitting on the cliff side with a slight ocean breeze was the perfect condition for a meet up. It was overcast but we did get to see peeps of the sun setting. The nice thing about this particular friendship is that we can go months, even a whole year without talking but it is as if nothing changes when we finally see each other. 

I feel like that is an important friendship to have in life. It is one that requires no effort but completely refreshing to talk every now and then. 

Do you have a secret spot?
What kind of friendships do you enjoy?


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