What is to Come

Today I went through some old photos on my high school jump drives. I lost the one with most of my old projects but I cam across these from freshman year. It has made me appreciate how far I have come skill wise and it has reminded me that I have much to learn. 

This also made me remember how much I enjoyed just photographing. The minute I got my camera, I was documenting basically everything. I could not put it down. These past couple of years I haven't really had the drive to carry my camera around.

As of recently, I have been getting back into this long lost passion. With my course load this year, I have not really had the time or the transportation to shoot the things I really want. As my semester comes to a close and winter break is just in my reach, I am hoping to spend sometime doing what I truly love. 

Expect quite a bit of photographs in the next couple of weeks. 

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