Dandelion Shadows

I believe that it is important for everyone to spend ten minutes in the sun. To me, I think that it is a sort of key to happiness. Ten minutes is all you need to absorb some vitamin D along with some of nature's blessings. There are many interpretations of the saying, "stop and smell the flowers", I see it in a literal sense. For ten minutes a day, one should stop whatever they are doing, bask in the sunshine, an simply smell the flowers.

There is a sort of beauty that happens in those ten minutes. 

The sun warms up your skin and gives you a jolt of energy. The freshness of the air fills your lungs and relaxes you. We are surrounded by amazing things and all we have to do is stop. 

Stand in the sun to smell the flowers. I feel that it is a healthier and happier way of living. It can even be sort of relaxing and refreshing. All it takes is ten minutes a day.


GrowthShelby SidesComment