Cathedral Rock, Sedona, Arizona

My favorite hike to date, on two separate occasions. Aka, I loved it that much I went twice!

Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona is just enough challenge as it is fun. Waking up early is an absolute must to beat the crowd, but I promise it is worth not hitting snooze. The walk to the actual rock of "Cathedral Rock" is relatively simple, but the hike really begins once you start the slight incline up.

There will come a point where you literally have to climb, preferably using both hands and feet. This my friends, is my favorite part! You can get pretty creative about how you approach this obstacle, no one does it exactly the same. Try your absolute best not to look down, although you probably will want to. If you are anything like me, and it is a pretty common fear, heights are one of your nonos. While my adrenaline kicked in, so did my goosebumps. 

On top of getting a great workout, you get to see an amazing view of Sedona's red rock desert. If you are every in the area or working on your bucket list, I would highly recommend taking a stroll up Cathedral Rock.