Fossil Creek, Arizona

What was originally planned to be a 16 mile hike exploring Havasupai Falls, turned into a day of waterfall hopping at Fossil Creek. Finally defrosting from the chill of winter, sunbathing by the creek has been almost a weekendly affair. 

For those of you who are interested in conquering Havasupai Falls (its still on my list), you will need to make a reservation as they no longer offer day passes. This is has been in effect since February. 

While our initial plans got cancelled, we still managed to make use of our days off. Fossil Creek was honestly a worthy alternative. The turquoise green waters at every fall that we visited was probably my favorite part, other than the sunshine on my skin. The icy water from the previous week's snow melt was relatively refreshing and despite my fear of heights, I gladly jumped! 

The best part of the day was being able to experience this hidden oasis with a adventurous and enjoyable group of people. All of us were from Hawai'i and I felt like I was home. I cannot wait to see what we explore next!

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