Desert Ghost Town

Jerome, Arizona is probably one of the most unique towns that I have come across in this desert state yet. With a very interesting history, Jerome is now known as an infamous ghost town. The people of Jerome actually thrive on the rumored things that go bump in the night. As a large artistically influenced place, Jerome is covered with different renditions of sugar skulls and cactus. A wide variety of people came from all over just to see this historic miner town on top of a hill. There was quite the abundance of biker bars and coffee shops. Everyone had something in their niche to enjoy and I think that is what adds to attraction of Jerome.

One thing that I was completely captivated by was the amount of artistic talent that litter the town. There was gallery after gallery but no painting or sculpture compared to the gorgeous sundials that were being structured and sold in the middle of the town. Obviously I was dying to purchase my own sundial, but of course the lack of a personal yard at my apartment complex limited me from doing so. I came across these baby cactuses, which ended up being the perfect addition to my apartment. 

A two-hour roadtrip away, Jerome is one of the top AZ towns that I will always be down to go to. The unique character of the haunted town makes it completely worth it. 

Where are you going?


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