Letter to My Mom

Dear Mom, 

I do not tell you this enough, but I am proud of you. With every obstacle that comes in your path, you find some way to overcome it. As cliche as it sounds, you are my role model. I know you are most likely rolling your eyes right now, but you truly are. I strive to have the strength to be as successful as you are.

You have shown me how much of a journey life really is and how to enjoy it for what it is. 

You taught me how to resist. When you stayed, I learned how to be resilient. It is easy to be told you can't. Watching you continue to climb new heights, I saw the rewards in fighting for what you want. Something will always bring you down, but I saw how important it is to get back up. I became stubborn to society and I have refused to let go of my dreams. 

You taught me how to struggle. When you stayed, I learned how to be brave. As much as a gift life is, it royally sucks sometimes. With the tears you wiped away, I saw the true potential in the internal battlefield. After a few too many meltdowns, I saw how to face the reality of situations and grow from my misfortunes.

You taught me how to reflect. When you stayed, I learned how to be attentive. There is a lesson in everything, you just need to realize it. Left with the past, I saw mistakes and the opportunity to prevent faults of the future. 

Most of all, you taught me how to let go. Getting stuck is the worst way to live a life. The past should never hold you back, and you should never want to stay there. The beauty of the future is the unknown. It is exhilarating, but you cannot truly experience if you are trapped in yesterday. 

You have filled the role of two and I could not be more grateful to have such a powerful force in my life.

Happy Mom Day pt. two. 
I love you Mama. 

Xx your bug.

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