Redondo Beach, California

The first Fun Factory I have been seen since I moved to the states, thought Hawai’i had the last few. It is really nice to know that they aren’t completely extinct. As creepy as it was, it seem to hold a lot of memories for the people living here.

On our Thanksgiving vacay we took a little drive to Redondo with my aunt and my cousin’s family. After dining at the Old Tony’s, we walked the pier and acted like total tourists. The whole pier was amazing, better than Santa Monica in my opinion. The greatest find was Rendondo’s Fun Factory. Like I mentioned before, it was the first one I have seen since moving to the states. Shockingly everywhere I have been prior to Friday had no such thing as a Fun Factory. My cousin, Byron Mcmackin, told us of how he and his brother use to come down to the pier all the time as children, it was their playground. As the drummer for the band Pennywise, Byron had just come back from tour on Europe. It was really great for him to show us around especially since he was extremely jet lagged. With that in mind, it was so much more of a treat to see him and his family. This was probably my favorite part of my trip and I can’t wait to see them again.


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