Red Rock Country

Sedona, Arizona is currently my favorite town to visit here in Arizona. Coming from the tropics, it is quite the change of scenery. Although the "seasons" of Sedona and Flagstaff are quite similar, chilly in the Winter and sunny or rainy weather otherwise. 

There has always been something about the desert that speaks to me. Sedona itself has a significant amount of energy, but I recently had the opportunity to experience an energy vortex on a hike in the Sedona area. If you are skeptical, I totally understand, but Sedona has been a known spiritual power house and I can see why. 

Other than the immense amount of energy, Sedona's beautiful red rocks are one of my favorite aspects of the area. The different types of sizes and formations honestly trips me out. I will be sharing some more features of Sedona in the near future, but for now enjoy a little throwback from the summer. 

What is your favorite town?

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