Giggle Hill, Hawai'i

Ever since I was a child, my sister and I have played in these woods. It does have a proper name, but everyone knows it as "Giggle Hill". There are several stories about how these woods may or may not have gotten that name. My favorite tells a tale of soldiers back in WWII. During that time a few soldiers would take their ladies up to the top of the hill, the thick of the woods. After a couple moments up there you can here the giggles of the soldier's ladies, you can imagine as to why. To this day you can hear a lady's giggle from time to time, you just have to listen close enough.  

As a child these woods use to be the ultimate playground. Home to old paintball grounds, hiking trails, and Girl Scout explorations. A former girl scout myself, I remember the scavenger hunts held in these woods that spiked my wanderlust. "Giggle Hill" always had this magical aspect to it, I always felt like I was in a story book. 

Reminiscing at yet another stomping ground was a great way to spend my last day on Maui. 


TravelShelby SidesComment