Earth Week in Flagstafff, Arizona

This past Saturday was Earth Day here in Flagstaff. Being the girlfriend of a "granola", it was a pleasant surprise to walk down the streets of Downtown to see it filled with people of all ages. The turn out of that day's festivities was larger than expected and the agenda they had planned was pretty entertaining.

From the time that we were there, there was an array of performances. My favorites were the recyclable fashion show and the acrobatics. It was really refreashing seeing a varitey of ages and types of people there and the vibe was something I was totally down for. In the past two years I have been living in this town, I have yet to attend many of the festivals that are put on. Staying in Flagstaff for the Summer has brought a lot of excitement as I will finally be able to attend the more active get-togethers.


What was your weekend like?