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My Arbonne Story

July 2016 I was asked by a sweet soul, Tiffany Cox, to join her on this journey. What she saw was a twenty year old dreamer dreading graduation as it was the gateway to a boring 9-5 life and that Arbonne was the opportunity I needed, even if I did not know it yet at the time. I officially joined August 2016 and I will be admit that I was after that killer discount, but now I can't look back.

Fast forward a year and here I am, a recent graduate with bright eyes towards the present. Back home in Hawai'i, I am pursuing passions I never would have thought possible. Working towards the first level of management with this business, I am getting comfortable with being uncomfortable and I wouldn't have in any other way. 

On top of building a flexible and sustainable lifestyle, I am learning how to integrate healthy practices into my day to day. This past year with this company have led me to look inwards rather than outwards, and this new perspective has me more motivated than ever. Not sharing this opportunity would practically be a crime, so expect to see more of me out there because we aren't stopping anytime soon.