Working Towards The Future


I talked about this before, but it has been on my mind as well as my heart recently. In the middle of June, I had the wonderful opportunity to help the Maui Film Festival. This has been my second year working in the box office and it was a fun way to connect with people over unique films. This experience, however, has personally been much different than it had been last year and it was something that I wasn't expecting. Along with the 3 evenings that I agreed to help out, I was still working my full-time day job and butterflies, I was wiped out.

I 100% love what I do at my day job, it is exactly what I could hope for post grad and it has given me the wiggle room to live comfortably. And I 100% volunteered myself to work with the Maui Film Festival again. So really, I did this to myself. But it got me thinking…

Some people do this to survive.

Not for free tickets or to be able to buy pretty things. Some people, actually a lot of people, have to work multiple jobs in order to pay rent, keep the lights on, and put food on the table. Here I am feeling overwhelmed that my “yes” complex has me committed to something where I am basically working back to back shifts, while there are people who simply have to do this because there is no other option.

Butterflies, I have been feeling incredibly selfish and not because I did this to myself and I feel like I am complaining about it (I do feel bad about that too). But because I have an opportunity that could potentially help people work just one job or even no job if that is what they want.

I talk about Arbonne pretty often, I know. But I work with Arbonne because really, I like the opportunity to choose what I do with my time. This company isn’t what it is perceived to be, though it has every potential to go beyond your expectations, it does take a little perseverance and hard work.

This whole experience has really settled me into my path and added a new fire under me. It actually kills me to think of others struggling through life and I want to help change it. Whether it is one individual or many, I feel compelled to at least offer the chance to discover something different because life doesn’t have to be about settling.

Looking for a change? I dare you to get in touch, I would love chat about what this opportunity can do for you!

Until next time, tah.