Why Influencers Should Be In Network Marketing


The millennial generation has been under watchful, and sometimes distasteful, eye over the last decade but that sure hasn’t stopped us. Criticized for pursuing dreams and passions, these individuals have built a new way of living.

Gone are the days of the 40, 40, 40 - working 40 hours a week, for 40 years, just to get a $40 watch at retirement. Now more than ever, you are seeing people working from home (or wherever they want) and making money online. That is so incredibly inspiring to me as part of the millennial generation and I find that a lot of us are refusing to follow the traditional path. Life is worth living, right? So why are you spending it in a cubicle, commuting to work everyday? I have been thinking about this a lot lately (normally on my hour long drive to and from work) and this is one of the driving factors of working my business with Arbonne.

As a creative and a writer, aka a blogger, I have been faced with the challenge of acquiring more time for things that I actually love and from what I have seen on the Twitterverse, I know I am not alone. Goodbye Butterfly sprouted from my consuming wanderlust, and over the last 3 and a halfish years that has yet to change. I have a desire to experience as much as I can, and that sure is not going to happen with a traditional day job. Arbonne has given me the opportunity to earn cash money where I want without sacrificing precious time to enjoy my life.  

For aspiring influencers, network marketing is the trend that you will want to hop on and here is why:

1. You Share Products That You Love

Whether your niche is beauty or food or fitness, Arbonne has over 400+  products to choose from that take care of you from head to your toesies. In the blogger and influencer community, we love to share our latest favorites and things we swear by. As an independent consultant with Arbonne, that is all you are required to do - share what you love about the products that you actually enjoy (have you heard me raving about my protein shakes?). And the best part is you are not limited to just Arbonne products, even though most people quickly find that they don’t want to use anything else.

2. You Make A Commission When Someone Orders Through Your Link

All of us influencers, even the biggies, cross our fingers every time we open our email for a PR opportunity to work with a brand and hopefully get paid for the content that we create for them. Many of bloggers are extremely familiar with affiliate linking and being an Arbonne consultant, it is essentially the same concept. Every time someone signs up or purchases through your consultant link, a commission from that sale makes its way to your pocket. The best part? You get to choose yourself instead of waiting for a company to reach out to you!

Keep in mind that this in no way means you can’t work with other brands, I love repping other company’s goodness.

3. You Can Work Anywhere

As long as you have access to a cell phone or a laptop, you can do this business. That’s literally it. Whether you are in your favorite coffee shop or in the airport on your way to the next bucket list destination, you can be making an income. On top of the flexibility in where you work, Arbonne offers trip incentives to earn all-expense paid vacations to some of the top places in the world.

And specifically for the mama bloggers out there, you get to stay home with your sweet babies and experience all of the wonderful things about being a parent!

4. Time To Put Back Into Your Passions

If you asked me two years ago if I thought that I would be a health and wellness representative, I would have thought you were joking. I have always had a passion for creating, whether it be in the form of words or photographs. With Arbonne, I can make an income while also having the time to put back into my projects. Most 9-5’s require a chunk of your precious time and for most of us, we have to dedicate that just to keep the lights on. For those of you motivated to work towards your dreams, you are going to fit the immense amount of work it takes as an influencer into the wee hours of the morning. What could you accomplish and grow to if you didn’t have to make that sacrifice?

I am so incredibly passionate about helping others live the life of their dreams, the one they never would have thought possible. I see so much potential in each individual that I cross paths with and it would be an immense crime if I didn’t share this insight with you all. Whether you are a blogger or simply a dreamer tired of settling, let’s get in touch. And if you get anything from this post, I would just like to leave you with simply one question:

What could you do for yourself as an influencer if space between yourself and your big break was simply you?

You are all welcome to watch me shape this business into the lifestyle that I want but I truly hope that you join me. My absolute favorite part of this whole concept is the ability to influence people's lives directly and help dreamers achieve their dreams. So let's chat about what you are missing in life because this just might be what you are looking for!

See you again soon, tah.

P.S. If this resonates with you in any way please tell me about yourself! I would love to help you discover how Arbonne fits into your life.