What I Got For Christmas

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As per usual, I am late to the party (seriously, ask my friends). It is January 25, 2018 and only now (a month after the holiday) am I sharing the trending “What I got for Christmas” post.

So, why now you ask? Well as I have been spending most of the week getting my new home set up (stay tuned for the deets), I have been tuning in to bloggers and vloggers posts that I am so incredibly behind on. I have been seeing quite a few of these posts and while I am not the biggest fan of Christmas (just call me the grinch), I feel a little compelled to hop on the bandwagon as late as I may be.

What I got for Christmas:

My favorite part of the holiday season is the overwhelming amount of love that surrounds you. Even during the stress of getting everything “together”, family has made their way home. Hugs, kisses, and stories have been shared making this the actual “magic” in my eyes. There is that warmth that holds you throughout the season, even in the chilliest places, and it is one of my most treasured gifts.

On top of the usual but special memories that the holidays bring, this year was extra precious in the memory department. My beautiful cousin got engaged to her long-time boyfriend on Christmas Eve and it was the best present that my family got to “unwrap” with her. An additional bonus was getting to meet her gorgeous twin’s new beau and actually get to see her for the full evening instead of her having to jet off to another state (she’s a flight attendant).

I treasure the experiences that the holidays bring because December is a sad reminder for me that sometimes these memories are all you have to hold on to.

It is a common theme around the holidays to feel an overwhelming amount of gratitude but after watching a video of a kid lighting a tree on fire, I feel compelled to chat about this one for a bit. As an echo to my two previous gifts, spending this special time with friends and family is something that I have learned to appreciate the older I have gotten. Christmas has never been much of my holiday but I truly look forward to another opportunity to spend it with loved ones.

Each year I find myself more grateful for the life that is mine and less wishful for things that at the end of the day do not matter.

Those are just a few of the many “things” I got for Christmas this year, did you catch the differences? Above everything, being present is my favorite present this Christmas. I am so thankful for these gifts and the many others I have received (shoutout to all those who have gifted housewares).

So butterflies, I am curious. What did you get for Christmas?