The Summer of 2018 Reading List

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My sweet butterflies, it has been awhile since we last spoke. Five weeks to be exact. I have been shamelessly enjoying the life around me, which has included sunset adventures along with copious amounts of ice cream and pizza. I have been stuck in these moments as time has passed and the figurative cat had caught my tongue.

It wasn’t for lack of inspiration but more of a lack of motivation.

You see, the usual growing pains of a twenty-something have captured its hold on me and I have been going through a funky roller coaster as one typically does. I spend most of my days typing away about Maui’s latest in real estate and by the time the clock strikes, my creative motivation is spent. So, I have been indulging. In food, tv, and my latest love: audiobooks.

I have always had a love for words and before my passion for writing them, I first had an affair with reading them. From the tear stains to the dog ear folds, there is a romance in reading from a loved paperback. And while It is and always will be a true escape for me, I have given in to the digital age around me. As the multitasking millennial that I have grown to be, I have relied on audiobooks and podcasts to help me experience a similar retreat while still remaining productive.

So this is me this summer: wandering around Maui, earphones and audible app in hand.

What I am currently listening to:

Harry Potter Series

Since I am unable to sit down and watch the full-scale marathon like I have been dying to do, I decided to get back to my roots. Like most people, this magical series launched my romance with books and it is something that I dedicate myself to at least once a year.

Here We Lie

As a somewhat recent college graduate, this narrative was relatable in some aspects and uncomfortable in others. Following two roommates turned fast friends, this was a reminder to be grateful even for the toxic moments as it helps shape who we become. The storyline does touch on sexual abuse through the victim’s perspective, so be cautious of potential trauma triggers

You Are A Badass

Need I say more? We all need little reminders and some tough love, so when I need the motivation to be the boss that I am destined to be...this is my go to and it should be yours too.

Next on the list:

Girl Wash Your Face

I have been seeing this all over the newsfeed and I am curious about the hype, plus I am a sucker for personal development books.

Spending 10+ hours a day sitting on a computer, typing and connecting away, leaves a very small window for entertainment. Which is why I am incredibly grateful that I can give my brain a little rest while still checking off my to-dos.

What Are Your Suggestions? - I have this habit of going back and forth between books I have read and ones that are new to me, so I would love to hear which ones are your favorites!

Until next time, tah. 

Shelby is an Independent Lifestyle Consultant with Arbonne International and does receive a commission off any purchases that are made through her link. All recommendations are genuine and represent Shelby's current routine.