Start of 2018 in Review


Over the course of Goodbye Butterfly’s existence, you butterflies have seen consistency and then inconsistency of words shared. I say time and time again what was once formed as a space to put my passion for the world and photography has translated as a platform to share me, as a human being and a creative. This past year, 2017, has been a year of shaping and growth but more importantly it has been about discovering.

I am now back on the beautiful rock called home since graduating college. It has been a wonderful struggle adjusting to being what I like to call a “half-adult” into a full fledge adult outfitted with insurance and bills. I have, and sometimes still am, mourned that chapter of my life which has brought me adventures and heartfelt memories with incredible people. And while I still miss that part of me that is now home in my heart, I am so excited with the direction life is going.

So what has happened so far in 2018? Well, let’s review:

Met and connected with some incredible people on the interwebs.

I am what most would consider a “social butterfly” emphasis on the social, as in media. My trusty new smartphone is always by my side and I make it a point to be on it to connect, not just scroll.

My favorite part of technology is the ease of meeting the talented people that are out there across the globe. My business with Arbonne has pushed me to actually build relationships with people who “like” and “follow” me on social platforms. And while there is that debate on how disconnected we actually are in the world, I have found that I have made some lasting connections.

Realized that to be there for myself more than others.

Reflection has been a major part of my 2018 so far as I am sure many of you are also following suit. As a person who has the tendency to give with my all, I have found that I do have to put myself first. Mental Health has been a huge topic of the season and while we are all centered on growth, I think it is important to take care. There have been some situations over the last year (2017) that have put me in a not so favorable position and it required me to take a step back.

I feel that it is important to always care for others, give love to as much people as possible but to just be sure to give the same love if not more to yourself. While we all have that solid one or two people in our lives, there is one person who will always be there to pick you up and that is you.

Updated and refound a passion that I lost sight of.

I mentioned earlier that GB has become a reflection of myself. So, while I was going through what some might call the “post-grad crisis” I kind of lost myself. In that time and space that I was searching for the person that I was and want to be, my passion for GB kind of got tucked under the rug.

The Twittersphere has helped me rediscover that passion that I had for not only blogging but sharing, so yet again I am incredibly grateful for social media as toxic as it can be at times.

Experienced a false bomb scare that left me teary and terrified.

*record scratched* Yep. In case you missed the huge “false alarm” that Hawaii had a few weeks back, you have now been updated. And for just under an hour, it was pretty wild.

With what we thought was our last 15 minutes, I tried to message loved ones that I was not with my “I love you”s before the phones jammed up. When something that felt very real turned to be very fake, I realized that this is what people in war zones feel on a daily basis. That made my heart entirely more grateful for more time in this life than I have ever had before.

Finally moved into the tiny, not so tiny, home of my dreams. 

I have been hinting at it just about everywhere and friends, the lights are on! We are still working out some kinks but we have been slowly making this little space to match both our visions (yes, I am compromising). We could not be more incredibly grateful for each of our family members who have helped us make this tiny home a reality. It has been an amazing few weeks living in our very own space together and I am excited to make this more of a home than it already is.

That's the major things that have happened in the first of twelve months that we have to make this year a great one. While there has been a lot of hair pulling involved, my own I promise, it was a month full of wonderful milestones and surprises. 

I am so excited for February, are you?

Until next time, tah.