Growing Pains


It is three to seven, and I am currently sitting in my living room turned storage room with a glass of cheap red. My bubs is in the now empty bathroom cursing here and there as he paints the mold prone walls with a gallon that swears it will help. I have a small pile of dishes in the sink and a smelly little pup sleeping in my lap. Butterflies, I woke up this morning with the intention of writing this inspiring post but right now I feel like being a little vulnerable with you.

As we all know, I am passionate about what I do in this life. I am a creative that dabbles in photography, has fallen in love with writing, and is helping others live their best lives. But what many of you probably do not know is that most of this gets done after hours. I am a full-time marketer at a local business here in Maui and it is everything that I could ask for post-grad. I get to work under some really knowledgeable people and I have the freedom to express my own ideas. I am incredibly happy with where I am at with this day job but I do spend my free time watering seeds for my future.

The reality of my dreams is that a 9-5 does not align with them. Working with fellow creative minds across the world is going to be pretty tough to do with only two weeks vacation and 6 hours to enjoy the day-to-day. And while technology has drastically expanded my reach, there is nothing like connecting with people in person. I talk a lot about my business with Arbonne on here as well as Instagram and as much as I love the opportunities it creates, I am going to be real - selling tasty protein powder and life-changing skincare is not really what I imagined for my main career. But then again, being chained to a cubicle isn’t either.

I want to be the words behind thought-provoking brands and experience the life in lifestyle. I want to create through a variety of mediums and while Arbonne may not be the center of my life, it is a vehicle that lets me earn a sustainable income as I leverage time to pursue other passions within my heart. My current job isn't going to provide me with that kind of combination of security and opportunity.

So this is where I am at, daring to be different but drowning in the process.

Until next time, tah.