Getting Back In Touch

Photographer   :    Manelle Rose Photo

Photographer: Manelle Rose Photo

The passing of the torch may have happened technically last week but we have now officially entered leo season. August has been a long time favorite month of mine and the reason may or may not lie with my year around the sun. I have been feeling a little cool about the little things in life recently and I think it is about time to light a fire.

I have been slowly making my way back to the Shelby Sides that I recognized, and this past July I found myself in comfort of the creature of habit. So in the spirit of embracing my inner sunshine, I am ready to be back in the spotlight. That is, I am putting myself back out there - to the universe as well as praying public eyes.

Along with getting back in touch with you sweet butterflies, my audience on this space, I am using this as my first step into the light. With a few updates and a lot of honesty, I am hoping that this encourages you to step out with me.

Personal Update

I have fallen off the path, and I am okay with that. The 17 year old me is currently screaming but my bikinis are fitting a little more snug, and I am just happy to not be spiraling over it. In between a handful of doctor’s appointments, trips, and events I have been fully embracing my relationship with food but completely neglecting my one with the gym.

You see, eating healthy foods is easy peasy for me but the real challenge lies with eating healthy portion sizes. And when you are eating the same portions as you were when you were working out but you haven’t been even getting much steps in lately...well your summer suit might fit a little tighter. The highlight of this experience is that my self-love hasn’t changed with my waist size and while I am not feeling my best, it has been nice to see where my personal growth has brought me.

A new month brings a ton of new opportunities, and I am seriously looking forward to hitting the reset button with the next 30 Days to Healthy Living challenge along with a good sweat session at the gym. Can relate? Well why not do it with me?

Business Update

Since I am being real with you, I am not where I would like to be with my business. In truth, what I do is not inherently hard but it does take a little work. My two year anniversary with this company is fast approaching and I have seen a lot of peaks in my business’s growth but not a constant upwards trend. If you have stuck along here on Goodbye Butterfly since the beginning, you would know that I am anything but consistent. And on top of that butterflies, I am great with connecting with people, but I am the absolute worst at following up on our conversations. These are a few of my biggest faults and a huge reason as to why my business is not as big as it could be.

While I have made some strides in the self-love department, I still have a lot of personal growing pains to go through that trickles down to what I do.

Changes In Routine

Waking up early has never been a real challenge for me but doing something productive in that time before the day job is a whole other story. I can typically be found in bed mindlessly scrolling through my social feeds until I absolutely have to get out of bed...and I mean like I am pretty much running out of the door. This obviously is not the most efficient use of my time and quite honestly, where I am at with my business and personal projects reflects that. So from here on out, I am getting up. Whether it is a morning workout or a simple business message, I plan on making use of that time that I have been wasting on click bait.

And as if wasting a solid hour and a half during my morning scroll isn’t enough, Netflix and Hulu has captured the rest of my soul when I get home for the day. Moving forward into this month, I am planning on turning it off and spending more time enjoying summer sunsets, starry kisses, and maybe just a little bit of business for the balance.

Will you be joining me in the spotlight this month?

Until next time, tah.

P.S. Happy sweet birth to each of my fellow leo babies! We have made it another year around the sun and this is our time to shine bright.