Every Day Makeup for the Lazy Millennial


I don’t have to tell you butterflies that I am a lazy soul that enjoys late night movies on the couch with a glass of red on a Friday night or napping on a picnic blanket amongst the clouds. So when the alarm goes off on at 5:00 AM on a weekday, I may or may not turn it off for an extra hour to snooze. And when the second alarm goes off at 6:00 AM...well I totally lay in bed scrolling through my newsfeeds until I am forced into my morning cardio. And by cardio, I mean frantically running around the tiny home trying to get myself together for the day.

Having consistently clear skin has been a godsend over the last few months and it allows me to hold on to those precious moments in bed just a little longer. And as much as I would like to chalk it up to good genes, my skincare routine and eating habits play a major role in making my mornings as easy as they are.

I have recently added the rest of the RE9 Prepwork Line along with some basic cosmetics into the mix and it hasn’t changed my timing one bit, truly making it the perfect routine for the late and lazy (a.k.a. Shelby Sides)


So what is on my face that makes me less of a morning zombie:

RE9 Prepwork Cleansing Polish

Typically after I have rolled out of bed, made my morning tea, and brushed my teeth, I will do a gentle facial scrub with this new cleansing polish. I find that this is a great way to take off my overnight creams that leaves my skin feeling refreshed.

RE9 Prepwork Hydrating Dew Cream

After I pat my face dry, I will prep it with the hydrating dew cream. This is a step that I refuse to skip on the days that I am running later than usual and that is because of the mattifying properties that it has. Living in humid Hawaii, anything that keeps that midday sheen from happening is an absolute must and I almost live for this product.

RE9 Prepwork Soft Focus Veil SPF 30

While my love for the Dew cream runs deep into my heart, the #1 product in my entire makeup bag has been this tinted sunscreen. Thanks to the blurring effect and the subtle color of this product, I have been able to even out my skin tone while protecting my cheeks from getting more than sun-kissed. What makes it even better? It is super lightweight and the tint is universal, which means that everyone has no excuse not to use sunscreen on a daily basis. Plus it works so well that you might just want to wear this alone, I rarely wear foundation anymore.

Staycation Minis Set

These four limited edition minis have found a special place in my makeup bag, and I am currently praying that they have a permanent place in the yet to be announced Fall launch. This fun set comes in a cute little “staycation” bag that includes a matte bronzer, highlighter, lip/cheek tint, and a holographic lip. I use all four of these goodies to add the Hawaii vacation glow that I would have if I didn’t currently work in an office. Get these before they are gone, or cross your fingers with me that they are here to stay!

Clear Eyebrow Gel

I enjoy the natural look more than anything and since I have been blessed with naturally thick eyebrows, I have been using a clear gel to get a little more control over them. It seriously holds them in place without feeling like each strand is glued to my skin, which is an experience I have had with other brand’s eyebrow products.

Let It Set Spray

To protect my skin from harmful pollutants in the air along with mattifying those troublesome oil prone spots, this setting spray helps all my rushed work settle in for the long haul. I carry this around with me from time to time to give my skin a little refreshing boost with the rose and geranium essence mixed into the spray.


Believe it or not, I still manage to make it out the door with all of that in 20 minutes and it honestly takes minimal effort. I am seriously butterflies, I use one makeup brush for everything and I literally have no idea what I am doing so if I can make it work…you totally can too!

Whether you are bustling millennial or simply could not be bothered, this is a skincare and makeup routine that will give you that healthy glow without having to wake up extra to get it on.

So what are you busy, late, lazy, or all of the above like me?

Until next time, tah. 

P.S. A portion of the proceeds from the RE9 Advanced Prepwork line supports the Arbonne Charitable Foundation’s mission to empower teens.

Shelby is an Independent Lifestyle Consultant with Arbonne International and does receive a commission off any purchases that are made through her link. All recommendations are genuine and represent Shelby's current routine.

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