Discover Arbonne With Me


Over the past three months I have been sharing pieces of my passion work here on Goodbye Butterfly and I thought it was about time to detail out a little more of what I actually do. Before I jump into the deets with this business, I do want to share a little bit about who Shelby Sides is.

For those of you joining us here for the first time, my name is Shelby Ohashi-Sides and I am a creative soul operating as an Independent Lifestyle Consultant with Arbonne International. Currently, I am a recent college graduate working for a local marketing company as well as a freelance content curator. Arbonne entered my life my junior year of college when two of my classmates and friends decided to pursue this path but it wasn’t until a year later, that I decided to lock arms with them and join this journey. That’s right, an entire year of watching my friends grow with this opportunity before I even considered it.

And when I started my business with Arbonne, I really did it to support them. I mean sure, I got an awesome discount on products I really enjoyed and I even made some side cash that funded my college recreation. But honestly I saw this as a side thing for a good 7 months as a consultant before I really started to look at it as a career opportunity. What changed? Honestly, graduation was around the corner and it dawned on me that I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Well I knew I didn’t want to work 40 hours every week for the rest of my life in a traditional 9-5 but there are very few opportunities to help me escape that.

Enter Arbonne.

As a health and wellness company, Arbonne has roots over forty years deep with plans of continued growth and expansion. Centered around pure, safe, and beneficial products, everything Arbonne produces is botanically based and range from nutrition to cosmetics to skincare. Operating with a strict ingredient policy and a social marketing business model, this company is able to cut out the middleman and utilizes independent consultants, like me, to act as a personal storefront. Ultimately this helps Arbonne cut overhead as well as expensive marketing costs and allows for that money to be sourced back into sustaining their consultants along with futher research and development for even better products. This company truly comes full circle in a lot of ways.

Along with being vegan and cruelty-free before it was a trend, the big thing that makes this network marketing company different is their constant effort to take care of their consultants and the community around them. In the two years I have been with this company, I have seen Arbonne listen and come up with incredible solutions that go beyond the feedback given to them. We joke that Arbonne is a personal development program disguised as a health and wellness company, but in reality this company constantly encourages growth and that has drastically impacted my life.

In the last three months, I have been able to free up time typically reserved for work to just enjoy life. In the last two weeks, I have been able to take unpaid time off from my day job while still feeling financially secure. And in the last day, I have come across a number of amazing individuals from around the world, who without this business I never would have come across. Despite the hesitancy and the skeptical, I am so grateful that I dared to be different.

And when you break it all down butterflies, all I really do is share products that I love and teach people to do the same. Which is exactly why influencers should be in network marketing but while this business works hand-in-hand with where I want to take Goodbye Butterfly, influencers are not the only ones who should be in the business. As I am working towards a more flexible future, I am looking for people to teach and train to do what I do. If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more, let’s chat.

Make dreams a reality and start somewhere.
What is your vision for the future?

Until next time, tah.

P.S. If this resonates with you in any way please tell me about yourself! I would love to help you discover how Arbonne fits into your life.